Voice of the Customer: An Enterprise Customer Prefers 10th Magnitude’s Personalized Service

At 10th Magnitude, we’re bursting with world class talent and expertise. In fact, our close-knit approach allows us to offer benefits our biggest competitors can’t touch, like speed, responsiveness, and service with a more casual, laid-back style.

Take it from one of our biggest customers, an international retail company. Their director of global cloud recently visited our Chicago office for a chat about why 10th Magnitude is working so well for them.

What Was it Like to Choose 10th Magnitude?

The client received head turns and concern for choosing 10th Magnitude at first, because it was a new and untested relationship. But that flipped almost immediately after 10th Magnitude came on board.

“The value became evident, right?” he said, smiling at the 10th Magnitude team. “We started to get the analytics. [You] found security issues we had in our environment and we just started to see a lot of change.”

Although he works for a global enterprise in a role that is critically important to the business, his cloud team is small – just a couple of folks. Bringing 10th Magnitude into the team made a major difference in terms of their ability to create a comprehensive approach to managed services.

“Basically it’s a three-pronged approach,” he explained. “Added services, professional services, and strategy.” There have been bumps in the road, he says, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

One way 10th Magnitude has been especially helpful to this client is by giving perspective on how fast to move forward – and throwing up a red flag when it’s time to stop and rethink. The 10M team has sometimes advised the client to slow down a little when appropriate, flesh out the strategy, and only move forward when the plan is 100% clear.

Culture and Chemistry

The client said excitement is building at their organization, now that 10th Magnitude has been helping them for quite a while. The payoff is coming into view.

“The culture, the chemistry, and what we’re actually getting out of this right now is really starting to get exciting. We’re feeling that we’re getting to the benefits of all that hard work,” he said.

Linda from the 10th Magnitude Seattle office asked what exactly he meant about the culture and chemistry. “What makes 10th Magnitude different from other companies in this regard?”

“Right away in the conversations,” he said, “the cases I wanted to get to – the vision that I had for where I wanted to take my organization – there was a lot of alignment. And also, what I enjoyed is that there was no fear from the 10th Magnitude team.”

He also appreciated the team’s trustworthiness. “You didn’t just ‘yes’ me,” he said. “You guys brought real value to it, and I appreciated that. The honesty factor … not just yes-ing the customer, but doing what you thought was right.”

In terms of the culture, he felt it was the perfect fit. “It’s just very laid-back, casual, not stuffy. People just looking to work hard, but also at the same time laugh and have fun. I believe in that ‘work hard, play hard’, and you don’t have to be tight and rigid all the time to be successful.”

Customer Service with a Personal Feel

The client knows that the 10M team is always nearby, ready in case he has a question.

“I like that there’s local presence, meaning wherever I go in the States, there’s somebody from the team around,” he said. “I don’t need everyone in one room. Jennifer’s out here, Chris is I think in Texas, Josh is in Buffalo, Mike is in North Carolina … The culture of being able to be flexible, work remotely, and still get things done on time – those are the types of characteristics I really look for, and that make me feel comfortable.”

The 10M team asked the client whether he ever feels bogged down by the amount of tools, processes, and knowledge they bring to the table. Is it too much? Did he feel overwhelmed?

“I’m very hands-on, so I didn’t allow that to happen,” he replied. “I didn’t feel that at all … The tools and the dashboard analytics were actually one of the things that I zoned in on in the beginning, and said, ‘This is something we don’t have.’ It was a wow factor for me.”

Newer but Powerful

What motivated the customer to go with 10th Magnitude in the first place? Why did this established, enterprise company choose a partner with a new and untested relationship?

“It was sort of the perfect storm for you guys,” he said. “Our existing vendor was not well-received by myself, the business, and by pretty much everyone who has worked with them. Having said that … I put my neck on the line. Traditional vendors just could not deliver what I was looking to go forward with.”

10M’s innovative style was the deciding factor. “To me, the risk was staying with the same-old. The status quo was the risk,” he said.

And after putting their trust in him, his company saw 10M’s success right before their own eyes.

“There were no scaling issues … And it’s really working out. We’re just starting to get into our stride now, and I think the next 3 to 6 months should be really exciting.”

This is another big success story for 10th Magnitude, one of hundreds we’ve had for our clients. Thanks to the entire 10th Magnitude team for making it happen.

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