To Ops or Not to Ops:
That is the Question

DevOps vs. NoOps. Capulets vs. Montagues. The debate has reached Shakespearean proportions, but unlike the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, peaceful coexistence is nigh. Learn the benefits of both methodologies and how to apply them within your organization harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure. Join 10th Magnitude Cloud Automation Engineer Chris Nagel and Stackify CEO … Continued

The Path to Agile Cloud Adoption with Microsoft Azure

Building a powerful infrastructure for your business isn’t about buying big, expensive boxes. Virtualizing your data center with Microsoft Azure and running it from software enhances your operational efficiency, agility, cost optimization, scalability and security.  You can manage resources holistically—with greater flexibility and increased resilience—by delivering storage, compute and networking resources as a shared, elastic … Continued

Chef and Azure: A Recipe for DevOps Success

Like peanut butter and chocolate or bacon and eggs, Chef and Microsoft Azure just go better together. Corey Wagehoft of 10th Magnitude and Andre Elizondo of Chef recently presented a webinar about how organizations can use Chef and Azure to accelerate their adoption of DevOps practices. Combining Azure’s cloud services with Chef’s automation capabilities can … Continued

Lifting and Shifting v. Refactoring Enterprise Applications for Microsoft Azure

Before you even sign up for a Microsoft Azure account or spin up a single VM in Azure, your organization needs to have a conversation about what workloads will be moved to Azure and how they will get there. A lift and shift approach is one answer, but application refactoring—whether fully or partially—can open the … Continued

Easy Docker Deployments with Mesosphere DCOS on Azure

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicts that “every business will become a software business.” Companies today compete on their software—not just the software they produce to sell, but the software they use to run their business. Microservices and containerization solidify that competitive advantage by both simplifying application architecture and freeing it from the data center environment. … Continued

Three Smart Ways to Move to Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

For companies who weren’t “born in the cloud,” moving to the cloud almost always involves taking a hybrid approach in the near term. For instance, many companies in traditional industries such as law firms, banks and manufacturers, have legacy systems that can’t be moved to the cloud for regulatory or technical reasons. And even with systems … Continued

How to Use Microsoft Azure for Disaster Recovery

Over the past year Microsoft has introduced major new disaster recovery capabilities in Azure. Services like Azure Site Recovery make it easy to replicate on-premises workloads to the cloud and implement a true​ hybrid cloud solution. Craig Rayome, Practice Director for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions at 10th Magnitude, recently presented a webinar on getting the most … Continued

Why Cloud is the Key to Achieving DevOps Value

Cloud accelerates DevOps success by adding speed and agility to help you get benefits faster—including innovating more rapidly, delivering application features faster and improving employee satisfaction. Brian Blanchard, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at 10th Magnitude, recently presented a webinar that explains the cloud and DevOps connection. In the webinar, Brian describes several key components for DevOps success and … Continued

Azure + Chef = Awesome, Episode 2

Join 10th Magnitude and Chef for Episode 2 in our Azure + Chef = Awesome Series: Windows Server Automation. In our first episode we introduced you to the basics of Azure and Chef and previewed the invaluable ways they work together. This time around, 10th Magnitude’s Craig Rayome and Chef’s Matt Stratton will do a … Continued

Azure + Chef = Awesome, Episode 1

Session #1 in the joint series with 10th Magnitude