Azure + Chef = Awesome, Episode 2

Join 10th Magnitude and Chef for Episode 2 in our Azure + Chef = Awesome Series: Windows Server Automation. In our first episode we introduced you to the basics of Azure and Chef and previewed the invaluable ways they work together. This time around, 10th Magnitude’s Craig Rayome and Chef’s Matt Stratton will do a deep dive, and demo the specifics of how you can automate Windows servers like crazy. This episode will cover:

  • How to create a Windows-based web server in Azure using PowerShell
  • Configuring IIS using Chef
  • Deploying and configuring Chef on Azure VMs
  • Demonstration of how PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) can be used with Chef
  • A look at the code needed and explanation of how it works


And if you missed Episode 1 or need to review, check it out here:

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