Easy Docker Deployments with Mesosphere DCOS on Azure

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicts that “every business will become a software business.” Companies today compete on their software—not just the software they produce to sell, but the software they use to run their business. Microservices and containerization solidify that competitive advantage by both simplifying application architecture and freeing it from the data center environment.

Mesosphere DCOS

Microservices break big, monolithic software applications into smaller, feature-focused services. Containers are then used to deploy those services individually. But how do you orchestrate those containers? That’s where Mesosphere DCOS comes in.

Ryan Lee of 10th Magnitude and Aaron Williams of Mesosphere recently presented a webinar that demonstrates how easy it is to deploy Docker containers at scale in Microsoft Azure using Mesosphere DCOS.

Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube to get a basic understanding of how microservices and containers work, and learn how Mesosphere DCOS simplifies application architectures through container orchestration and easy installation of services like Hadoop, Spark and Jenkins. The webinar also includes a live demo of DCOS on Azure, showing how to deploy Docker containers in just a few simple steps.

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