How to Use Microsoft Azure for Disaster Recovery

Over the past year Microsoft has introduced major new disaster recovery capabilities in Azure. Services like Azure Site Recovery make it easy to replicate on-premises workloads to the cloud and implement a true​ hybrid cloud solution.

Azure Site RecoveryCraig Rayome, Practice Director for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions at 10th Magnitude, recently presented a webinar on getting the most out of Azure’s disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.

In the webinar, Craig walks through the basics of how the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) technology works, how ASR is priced and best practices for ASR deployments. Microsoft is continually introducing new features and capabilities for ASR, so Craig also covers the latest product developments and gives a preview of what’s coming next.

As a bonus, Craig also covers additional use cases for ASR beyond disaster recovery. Did you know that you can use ASR for datacenter migration, dev/test scenarios or as an “insurance policy” during major upgrades?

Watch the recorded webinar to get the full details on how you can use Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery and more.

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