When Was Your Last Healthcare Data Center Wellness Check?

Wellness checks are an important part of your patients’ health, but did you know that your data center should be periodically checked for signs of health, too?

Digital technology has been embraced in many aspects of the medical and healthcare fields, turning ideas that would have been impossible a few short decades ago into reality and improving healthcare data storage and usage. However, there’s still a lot of room for growth

An ever-growing aging population requires chronic care. Healthcare resources and budgets grow tighter. And even though digitalization should make communication more seamless than ever, there are still legacy systems and data silos that act as roadblocks for healthcare organizations, agencies, and providers who are eager to  implement patient-centered care.

Here’s the good news: Thanks to the cloud, the benefits of modern healthcare are about to be magnified. Soon, every patient — not just the lucky patients who happen to patronize a healthcare network that’s made the leap to the 21st century— will be able to reach their care providers for advice, diagnosis, and treatment when they need it, access their medical records with ease, and get the customized support they need during their treatment.

Clinicians can access and record patient information anywhere, coordinate care in real time with others regardless of where they are, and streamline their scheduling and administration. Providers can analyze clinical population health data from a variety of sources, helping them discover patterns of disease, predict outbreaks, design and implement medical best practices, and detect claim fraud.

In other words, it’s a win/win for everyone involved. And all that’s required is an easy transition to the cloud.

How Can the Cloud Transform Healthcare Data Management?

No matter what system you use, healthcare data management isn’t an easy task. You’ve got to meet strict security, confidentiality, and privacy requirements. Your data has to be auditable, traceable, and stored for long periods of time

These are just a few reasons why the cloud is a natural match for health data — it can give you all that plus the security and privacy that’s required. Cloud data centers managed by service providers give you the tight security you need as well as protection from threats, thanks to expert-implemented and maintained tools and techniques.

These centers also offer sophisticated encryption and granular identity management and control. Additionally, you can rest easier knowing that the data isn’t stored on devices, but accessible through the web.

Security is just one aspect of everything a cloud data center has to offer. You’ll also get scalability as well as the flexibility and elasticity that’s required to adjust to demand at a moment’s notice. If your health system is like most, you’re collecting increasingly large amounts of unstructured data, and you require instant access to that data to offer your patients the level of care they need (and expect).

Another thing to consider is the ever-changing nature of healthcare data. When requirements change, the cloud is more than a new home for your data center; it can completely transform your data center so it’s ready for the latest trends in patient-centered care and digital medical records. While the choice is yours, the reality is that the cloud is truly the best option for a modern healthcare organization.

Public, Dedicate, Private, Hybrid— Pick a Cloud

There are several different choices for deploying your data center to the cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you can choose from a variety of architectures to determine which one best suits your organization.

You can leverage the security, scale, and ease of use offered by the Azure public cloud without the need for upfront infrastructure costs. Or, if you’re looking for the productivity, elasticity and security of Azure, but you want it to be hosted fully on-premises, you might consider Azure Stack.  Alternatively, you can combine the two approaches for a 100% cloud-native solution spanning on-premises and the public cloud. Through Azure’s tight integration with traditional on-premises data centers, you can create a hybrid data center that fits your specific needs.

Your choice depends on a variety of factors; security, data classification, your business and operations model, application architecture, and (of course) cost all play a role in the decision making process. If you’re not sure which cloud is right for your organization, a trusted partner can help you decide not only which is best for you, but also assist you as you make the move to the winning cloud option.

Already decided which cloud is right for you, or are you already partially working in the cloud? Consider working with a partner to get reliable, experienced advice on ramping up your data center in the cloud.

Take Comfort in a Trusted Partner

You don’t want to trust your sensitive healthcare data to just anyone — and you shouldn’t. You need to find a partner who understands the cloud and the role it will play in your organization.

At 10th Magnitude, we know that healthcare data center transformation takes special care and handling. We’ve got the experience and skill to ensure that organizations, providers, clinicians, and carriers can implement a secure, process-driven data center transformation that meets their specific needs. These include the following:

For healthcare organizations with more than one data center, a mixture of assets, multiple facilities, and a variety of data, we focus on strengthening your organization’s cloud governance and asset life cycle management.

 If your main priority is rapid transformation, consolidation, and convergence of a healthcare data center, we help you meet that goal without sacrificing either security or operations.

 If you hope to reduce the number of healthcare data centers you’re using or, better yet, move entirely to the cloud, we offer the skills and best practices required for a graceful, successful, and cost-effective exit.

The Cloud is In Our DNA

In an industry that’s all too familiar with business that come and go, 10th Magnitude has provided a decisive presence since 2010 — the same year Microsoft Azure was released.

Our strong relationship with Microsoft has been an instrumental part of our success, but there’s more to it.

10th Magnitude was born in the cloud, and our business focuses solely on ensuring that our customers have an optimized cloud experience. Because the cloud is in our DNA, we deliver health care data center transformation that works for you the way you want it to— on time and on budget.

Learn more about our Data Center Transformation solution.

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