Working From Home Has Never Been Easier! 10th Magnitude Just Launched a New Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart Powered by Nerdio

10th Magnitude is excited to announce our new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) QuickStart leveraging Nerdio’s WVD Manager and designed to help organizations rapidly and securely deploy, manage, and auto-scale Windows Virtual Desktops through an intuitive user interface.

Due to COVID-19, businesses need a way to quickly and securely provide remote workers with access to essential systems and applications to keep business moving from anywhere. This unique QuickStart enables that necessary access in a way that’s efficient and easy to manage while also providing cost savings.

“Right now, businesses are looking for a fast way to give remote employees the access they need to systems, networks, and enterprise applications,” says Mark Hanson, Director of Cloud Transformation at 10th Magnitude. “We created a QuickStart solution and a simplified approach that not only enables rapid deployment of secure virtual desktop environments but is also easy to manage and maintain. It helps set the strategic direction that organizations have for long term remote worker and developer access yet still supports the immediate need to add the capabilities to enable their remote workforce.”

Work from Anywhere with Easy-to-Deploy Virtual Desktops

Windows Virtual Desktop provides a familiar Windows 10 desktop experience — complete with your icons, folders, toolbars, and applications — to your device anywhere in the world, inside or outside of the office. It’s easy for your remote workers to use, and thanks to our partnership with Nerdio, it’s now more efficient than ever to deploy, manage, and seamlessly integrate with existing services.

10th Magnitude’s Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart delivers accelerated WVD deployment to support your remote application and desktop scenarios, including legacy applications during your Application Modernization journey. Our award-winning Azure experts utilize a trusted delivery process that follows best practices per Microsoft and 10th Magnitude and eliminates the trial and error often experienced with a DIY approach.

Unique Features & Benefits:

  • Azure pre-requisites and Landing Zone verification by 10th Magnitude to support WVD
  • Azure experts to verify and support the integration needs between Azure AD, Azure, WVD, Nerdio, and other configurations
  • Azure architecture, engineering expertise and advisory from our award-winning team
  • VDI pool use case design and WVD architecture planning with the necessary components and guardrails needed to protect your investment in Azure
  • Intuitive user and session management and complete session host management
  • Unified desktop image creation and management to ensure repeatability and lifecycle support
  • Usage and performance monitoring for a birds-eye view of your client usage characteristics
  • Built-in FSLogix profile management to help personalize WVD to support user preferences and configuration
  • Administrator event notifications to keep you informed
  • Advanced schedule and event-based autoscaling, which saves you money
  • Desktop image, host backups, and versioning to enable data protection and resiliency
  • Role-based WVD tenant management for proper access control
  • Complete, trackable audit trails for full visibility

Security, Compliance & Simplified Management UI

In addition to rapid deployment and easy-to-use yet powerful management capabilities, our Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart is designed to address your enterprise-level security needs, including data residency, compliance, and security requirements.

The Nerdio-powered management interface is an all-PaaS packaged Azure application that runs in your organization’s tenant without compromising security and compliance. All resources are deployed to your Azure subscription in a region of your choice, and your data never leaves your own Azure subscription.

Cost Savings & Transparency

10th Magnitude’s Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart along with our WVD Managed Services and Azure optimization focus makes it easier to keep an eye on your budget. You’ll know the true Azure costs before deploying virtual machines, gain the ability to view auto-scale produced savings both in real-time and historically, and compare cost savings between static and dynamic host pool configurations instantly.

Azure spend optimizations are built-in, including “single-user desktop” host pools that allow for 1-to-1, non-persistent VDI desktops, ephemeral OS disks that help you save on Azure storage costs and boost performance, the ability for individual users to securely power desktops on and off without needing to access the Azure portal, and custom resource tagging for cost allocation between departments.

Configured & Managed by Azure Experts

We’re a Microsoft Gold Azure Expert MSP and our #1 goal is helping you thrive in the cloud through COVID-19 and beyond. After your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment, you’re not alone — our 100% USA-based Managed Services team is available around the clock if you need us, so you can stay focused on doing business.

Whether your organization needs a rapid Windows Virtual Desktop deployment now, or help navigating a path forward on your digital transformation journey, our experts are here to help. Get in touch today to get started.

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